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Friday, January 23, 2009

Handy Twitter Tools: TweetReplies

Every so often I come across a handy Twitter tool or website that makes my Twitter life easier. I’ll share the really good ones with you here on this blog!

Ever missed a really important @ reply? Forget to check your @ replies? Then TweetReplies is for you! It sends you an email when you get an @ reply. Never miss one again.

@ replies are the heart and soul of using Twitter to build relationships. How can you build those relationships if you aren’t even getting your replies? The answer: you can’t.

I just started using TweetReplies and it has already saved me once from missing a really good reply. I highly recommend using this Twitter tool.


BeautifulBridget said...

Awesome! Thanks for this!

Paw and Claw Designs said...

What a great tool!

Tamara Garvey said...

That is so great! I try to remember and check my @replies every so often, but this is a great automatic tool. :)

tamdoll said...

Thanks for the tip, this one's going to come in handy!

Sara at Soap Rehab said...

this is fantastic, thanks!

Rocki said...

Good to know about this and thanks so much!

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