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Friday, February 13, 2009

About Twitter in 140 Characters or Less

Becki Krska, from Ambient Lights, wrote an article for our blog!

What Can You Say in 140 Characters or Less In the Twitterverse?

Lots of things. Each section here will only be 140 characters or less and will be a complete thought. This is exactly 140 characters long :)

U can only use 140 characters b/c Twitter is designed so you can receive & send messages via text msg.I might be in trouble if I did that ;)

Twitter, plain and simple, is fun. It's a great way to meet lots of people, chat and have a chance to promote your website(s) or blog.

Many Etsians are on Twitter. Etsy themselves are on Twitter. I have seen moms & pops & gov ppl, other well knowns & not so knowns on Twitter

Bloggers, journalists, artists, radio show hosts, mentors, life coaches, SEO specialists, herbalists, marketing specialists...& on & on!

Smtimes u need 2 get creative w/ ur words if u want 2 fit evrythng u want 2 say in 140
chartrs > tho there's usually plenty of rm 4 evrythng

You can tweet about what you are having for dinner, the weather, a favorite quote of yours or @ reply to chat w/ people.

Or something random like, "My ‘e’ and ‘s’ are half worn off my keyboard! Too much Twittering maybe?"

BTW, I had still had 40 more characters I could have used on that last one :D

You can tweet links to videos, articles, your favorite artisans, links to your own work, whatever you like.

Links can use up a lot of your characters. Here you can make a tiny URL though, so you can fit more in your tweet.

I love looking at links but honestly ppl, if apx half or more of your tweets are JUST promos for you, I may not follow you.

Chat w/ me too! Tell me what you’re doing; let me get to know you a bit. Twitter, I feel, is best described as a "water cooler stop." Short and sweet :)

Oh, & if you say something quirky, cute or creative in your promo link too, I'm even more inclined to take a peek and see what's up :)

You can also DM ppl that follow you (Direct Message). It's a mini "email" within Twitter, tho you still can only use 140 characters or less.

To sign up for Twitter go to & to search for people go to

Follow ppl that interest you, just be sure not to follow 2 many at once. If you are following 2 many & not enough are following back (cont)

you'll be blocked from following more until the ones you're following and those following you becomes more balanced.

You can set your background of your Twitter page to anything you like. An easy one to do is set up an Etsy mini (from your Etsy), (cont)

and save it as a jpg file (you can do this in Paint) and load it to your Twitter page. It's fast, easy and cute!

A couple great twitter tools are Twhirl & Tweet Deck (just Google them) :) Twhirl is ok IMO but I'm really excited to try Tweet Deck!

To see your (or others’) Twitter ranking based on followers you can go to

You can check out your Twitter grade here Last time I checked I had a failing grade, now I have a 98.3 out of 100!

I've only had a few quitters (I don't really know why they quit following) but if you want 2 know who quits on u go here

There's other neat things out there that you can do w/ Twitter and lots of fun to be had, but I'm about tweeted out go on people!

Go tweet! Find some neat new people to follow, see what your Twitter ranking is, tweet something funny or tweet a link to this post!

Tweet y'all later ;-)


MySweetThree said...

Thanks to Becki, what great information here! :)

QuirkynBerkeley said...

Great post. I learned a lot. Thanks!

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