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Thursday, March 26, 2009

New Crafting & Business Forum

Becki, from has created a new Crafting and Business Help Community forum/board. She has really put a lot of thought and effort into what looks to be a great place to get business help and chat too! Becki has written a post to introduce the forum...

There are lots of boards out there that you can be a member of, but this is a really special board if I may say so myself ;). I created this Community board by taking the things I like most from other boards, adding my special touch to it, and putting it all together in one fabulous place! My goal is to establish a place where everyone feels at home and can come to see friends, get the help they need for their craft, for their business and for moral support also.

There are a few different forums just for business related topics including advertising, marketing, networking, accounting, shipping, etc as well as a forum just for selling on online venues, and another for wholesaling, fund raising, craft shows, home parties and more.

There are currently eight specific forums for help and tips for your craft, everything from Bath & Body items, Candles, Jewelry, Crafting with Vintage Items, and more. If you think there should be another crafting specific forum that you don't see there, please post your idea in the suggestions forum!

There is a Chit Chat forum to chat about anything in the world you want and also a venting forum... for when you really need to get something off your chest.

Of course we have a Promo You forum (to promote yourself and others). We also have a special Poll forum. You can create a poll question with up to 10 choices for members to choose from to answer your question, and you can set the number of days you want the poll to run for.

The really special part of this board is that while anyone in the world can register and join our Community, there is also a private forum section that is JUST for the Etsy Twitter Team. Vickie (In My Head Studios) already has some great threads started in our private forum.

To sign up for the private forum you must first be a member of our Usergroup. For details about signing up for our Usergroup (it's quick and easy!) please see here.

I look forward to seeing you there at!

~ Becki


Sacred Sparks said...

The new Etsy Twitter Teams - 'Crafting & Business Help', is a much needed forum. We will all benefit from this. Thank you so much for creating this new forum, Becki!
Right now the thread regarding Copyrights is an important one, for all of us. As holders of copyrights and potential infringements. We all want to do the right thing. With good advice, and information on this issue we will all be better artists for it.
Kudos to Becki!

photoadele said...

i'm still waiting for approval :(

Ambient Lights said...

You're welcome and thank you Sacred Sparks! I sincerely hope that many people will benefit from this in many ways, that's why I created the board!

photodale, I don't see you on the registered members list, did you register with a different name? Let us know if you still need help with it and we'll get it taken care of asap :)

Ambient Lights

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