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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Shop of the Week: Angel Kisses Jewelry

Angel Kisses Jewelry is a collective of related artists. Michelle Aguilar, her mother Sherry Hadley, and sister Annette Crews create one of kind jewelry pieces using semi-precious stones, glass beads and their own handmade polymer clay beads and pendants. Many of their creations are available as full sets of matching earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. They really do make unique pieces any woman would be glad to wear around town.

“Each of our pieces is unique. We spend a lot of time selecting the best available materials to ensure our final pieces are unlike anything else. The art of jewelry design is a form of self-expression. We each bring ourselves into our designs and continually strive to learn and perfect new techniques and materials. This broadens our available selection to our customers.

We love to create and inspiration can strike at the funniest times. Sometimes we are inspired by fashion or art, and other times it's like a mental getaway in your head while you type an email at work. We have each had our own arts and crafts we have been helplessly addicted to throughout the years. I think the inspiration and draw for our jewelry is that we sit down with a pile of beads or a clump of clay and we have a gorgeous piece that we can instantly wear out the door when we are finished. It's like instant gratification for crafters.”

When asked about networking: “Twitter has been an invaluable networking site for us. It has allowed us to keep our followers informed on both the personal and business fronts of being jewelry designers, bringing us closer to our customers. We tweet our new listings, updates and promotions as well as personal updates about working together as a family and our own passions in life.”

From March 2 - 8, 10% of all proceeds from sales will go to support HIV Positive women in Addis Kidan, Ethiopia, through the Good Samaritan Organization. Sherry personally visits this organization in Ethiopia to ensure the funds go directly to the women. Her next visit to Ethiopia is scheduled for March 16, 2009.

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by Patricia Wood said...

Lovely, lovely, lovely...

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Absolutely GORGEOUS creations and a wonderful feature of some very talented etsians!

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BLogged it here - w/a quote from Jane Goodall, seemed appropriate!

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Meet Michelle, Sherry, & Annette:

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Beautiful jewelry!
I just blogged about the shop of the week:

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