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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Breaking News: Another Upgrade to the Etsy Search

Guest Blogger

As per this previous blog article, we let you know about Etsy’s awesome new search functions. Etsy told us that there would be even more coming soon and some of it is here already!

Now, when you do a search from the regular search bar or in the Advanced Search, once you get your search results, underneath the price filter on the top left there is a drop down box that allows you to filter the results by “Ship to Country”.

Once you select the “Ship to Country” it will only show you the results for items that will ship to the selected country, and it will also include items with “Everywhere Else” shipping. You can change the country at any time or click the red “remove” under the selected country to show all item results again. The selected country will clear itself when you leave the Etsy site.

And there's more!! The much awaited, desired, asked for, sought after feature… Sort your search results by “Most Relevant”! (Are you doing the Happy Dance, too?!)

You can use the drop down box (“Sort By”) on the top right of your search results page to select “Most Relevant”, “Price High to Low”, “Low to High”, etc or use “Most Relevant” as a option in the Advanced Search. It's seems to save your chosen method of “Sort By” similarly to the “Ship to Country”. Unless you change it, your results for each search will be listed in your chosen method of sorting until you change it or leave the Etsy site.

In my opinion, “Most Relevant” returns more accurate results than the previous method of searching. I’ve played around a bit with it and now if you search for “Scrabble Tile Pendant” you don’t get the collage sheets for Scrabble tile pendants so much. So it works!!

Etsy says this is just the beginning! They will continue to fine tune both of these search functions as time goes on. One other thing you may be interested in knowing is that the “Most Relevant” search will be improved in the future by altering the listing process some, although there is currently no change to the listing process.

Both of their search functions have been long awaited by many Etsians and will most definitely be an invaluable tool to many buyers and artisans alike.

We'll be sure to keep you posted on new Etsy search functions and features as they roll them out. These are some exciting times in Etsy Land!

Official Etsy Article: Filter by Ship to Country

Official Etsy Article: Filter by Most Relevant (There's a few more juicy details there, be sure to check it out!)

Thanks, Becki, for a great post!

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