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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Shop of the Week: Beadwork by Amanda

I’ve personally had the pleasure of getting to know Amanda Preske, the woman behind, over the last year doing the local craft fair circuit in Rochester, NY. She is a chemistry student at Rochester Institute of Technology. Her love for science shows in her artistic endeavors as her beadwork reminds me of complex molecules. She creates pendants using recycled circuit boards with resin as well as beadwoven necklaces and bracelets. She can turn her circuit board pendants into key chains if you so desire.

“I've been making jewelry for half my life! When I was about ten years old, one of my aunts gave be a box of seed beads in an assortment of beautiful, sparkly colors. I've spent many years since then teaching myself how to weave beads on and off a loom as well as other beading techniques. I've recently discovered the versatility in creating with resin. I love interacting with people from all over the world and believe that customer service is of utmost importance when selling my jewelry.

“I absolutely love color, so creating usually starts with a tube of really fun beads. I love the tropics so don't be surprised to find bright colors and a touch of the Caribbean! I also find inspiration from fabric scraps, scrapbook paper, and interesting focal beads.”

On Twitter she loves “to follow what people are doing and help if I can. Since I am a senior studying chemistry, I once helped someone with their chemistry homework through Twitter. I think that actively being a part of Twitter is more enjoyable than robotically posting.”

Amanda is also a member of several Etsy teams: Etsy in Color Team, Etsy Teens and Young Adults Team, Etsy Beadweavers, and Rochester New York Etsy Street Team.

Follow her on Twitter @amandapreske
Read her blog at
Find her on flickr

Special for this week: All items are already marked down 15%. Mention "Etsy Twitter Team" at checkout and she will include a free gift!

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Cat said...

I love Amanda's work! I come from a family of electrical engineers and am all to familiar with "circuit boards"...but to have one in a pendant form is sheer genius! "Geek Chic":)
To funny that Amanda helped a fellow tweeter with Chem just never know who you will connect with out there!

VintageMommy said...

I'm sorry for all the practice comments. what I wanted to say is that I see a connection between chemistry and beading, it makes sense to me.

Love the circuitry jewelry!

Lori said...

Love this shop , I retwitter it and put it on facebook.

BeautifulBridget said...

Gorgeous shop! I have blogged, tweeted and posted to ByHand.Me :)

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