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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Shop of the Week: Nikky Lee Designs

Nicole Husnik, of, creates stunning handmade jewelry and very professional photographs. I like the juxtaposition of her work styles. The two seem to complement each other nicely in terms of design, color, and composition.

She says about her two styles, “They're both a passion that I don't think I could live without. Every jewelry piece and photo I take is made with beauty and pride in mind.”

What inspires Nicole to create? “Mostly nature and its ability to be beautiful with such little effort.” Her work seems to require little effort, too, and that is a hallmark of excellent design and craftsmanship. She chooses many different styles of beads and stones to work with. Some of her work is funky and some of it is more traditional beadwork.

Her favorite thing about her craft: “The pure exhilaration when a piece is finished, or a photo turns out, just as I hoped... amazing feeling of satisfaction!”

What are her Twitter tricks of the trade? “Lots of personal tweets, cross promo tweets with personal promo scattered about. Share the love and it will be returned!” Nicole tweets a lot for the team and is always at the ready to retweet a sale, special, or just good news from other Etsy Twitter Team members.

Follow her on Twitter @nikkyleedesigns

Read her blog:

Special for this week: Free earrings of her choice with any jewelry purchase $15 or more. Enter code "Feature Shop" in comments at checkout.

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Ripper Arts said...

Yes! Her product photography is awesome!

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