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Saturday, September 5, 2009

The First Day of School

Ahhh! The first day of school...parents are happy, children are nervous, lunches and new school supplies are packed and ready to go. If you're like me, I start my back to school shopping in the middle of summer. With all the great deals out there (love the 1 cent deals at Office Max and the 25 cent deals at Staples!), I end up overbuying. Well, maybe not??

This year I became an official teacher. However, classrooms are limited and I will just have to wait one more year to find my own classroom, *sigh*. Until then, I am still doing what I love by subbing. So while all the parents are running around getting things together, this year I am putting my feet up and browsing Etsy! Why? Because the holidays are right around the corner (111 shopping days to go!) and the Etsy Twitter Team is having a Back to School Sale.

Why not make it a day with the kids on the Internet, and help them calm the butterflies by letting them pick out one item to work toward as the school year starts? This could be as simple as homemade cup cozies for hot chocolate on cold days at the bus stop. For yourself, a cozy scarf might be the answer! For girls, a barrette, clip, or necklace can add spark to the start of school.
Or super unique buttons!
With cold days right around the corner, parents can stock up with yummy lip balms from Aquarian Bath, at a great price to fit any budget, and just the thing for chapped lips!

One of the things that makes going back to school more fun is the little supplies that have a unique, one of a kind look. When it comes to crafting, you never find two items just alike. Allowing children to show their creativity through these one of a kind bags by Sandi will make their day brighter and the world a little greener.

One of my favorite things during the school year is a new journal/notebook. I love to doodle, make notes of what I can do with my future classroom, lesson plans that pop into my head, or just a note or two to a close friend. Hopefully, your child will be inspired to use these books to work on handwriting, take notes, or write that new story that they have been thinking about. Do I hear pencils moving? Maybe the next JK Rowling is right in your home!

After school is a fun time for kids. Most want to watch tv, hop on the computer, or do some arts and crafts, which are great for babysitters to do with elementary age students ;).

One of the things I always do the night before I leave for school is pack a lunch. Here are some great ways to pack up those yummy lunches and healthy snacks. My favorite snack was always apples with peanut butter and raisins. My mom would make smiley faces out of them :).

Lastly, but so important, MAKE SCHOOL FUN for someone else with handmade items. All of the links above will send you to a shop that is collecting money to help with school supplies this year. It is the team's way of Paying It Forward. We will do the creating while you enjoy the items, knowing that some of your purchases will be going towards school supplies for those who can't afford them in these hard times.

On behalf of the Etsy Twitter Team, have a healthy and safe school year!

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