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Friday, October 2, 2009

Happy Etsy-versary, Foxy G Knits!

Lois, from, was kind enough to share her stats for her first year on Etsy. She has accomplished a lot this year - more than mere numbers can convey. She has connected people and created community through her business. She is truly one of those kind souls many are lucky to know, myself included.
Today (9/29/09) is one year to the day that I signed up on Etsy, although I didn't list my first items until October 15th. Anniversaries cause me to be reflective; here is a wrap-up of my first 365 days in 371 words:

Sales: 59 sales (actually more because I bundled some orders for customer convenience)

Most unusual sale: In August, an art director who was filming a Georgia Lottery commercial featuring Atlanta Falcons contacted me by convo and Facebook 36 hours before I was leaving for California and asked me to call her as she wanted to purchase a red and black scarf. This might not have been unusual, but it was between 11:30 p.m. and midnight. She e-mailed me the next day to let me know which scarves she wanted to see and then came by my house at 7 p.m. that evening and purchased two. BTW, I did not let her in my house, but met her in front!

In August, I also had a shawl purchased by a playhouse costume shop.

Hearts: 300 shop hearts

Number of visitors to site: About 1,300 visitors last month and again this month

Made front page of Etsy on September 18th netting 294 visits and 19 shop hearts

The top five states from where my visitors come (GA, CA, NY, TX and FL) account for 49% of the visits.

I have been honored to be included in about 25 Treasuries, most put together by colleagues, a few by sellers I did not know.

I have been featured on various blogs with mentions on others. Written up most about Paying it Forward.

Started Foxy G.’s Den of i-KNIT-quity blog as part of marketing mix. Most viewers on one day: 119

Built Facebook biz page: 439 fans; established myself on Twitter. At #3 traffic source to my shop, Twitter appears to account for 13%. At #4 traffic source, Facebook accounts for 7.25% - for a combine total of 20%+.

Not being a numbers person, I have no idea how to put these facts and figures into context. I do know, however, that that most meaningful to me is my association with the EtsyTwitter Team and the wonderful, supportive people I am honored to call my friends.

- Lois
Thanks for sharing your numbers and your beautiful heart with us, Lois!! You are truly a valued member of this community and we all love you very much! We wish you much success as you head into year two!

- The Whole Etsy Twitter Team


foxygknits said...

I am overwhelmed and humbled by your kind words, as I am far more comfortable giving than receiving. I am lifting my knitting needles to many more years together! With love...

smellyrhinostudio said...

As one who has been lucky to grace Foxy's good side, I can tell you that this woman has one of the biggest hearts out there!

In addition to her incredible Etsy shop, she regularly blogs about others, she is incredibly giving of her time and always helpful when asked for advice! She also knits to help others in need! She goes shopping for needed sundries for shelters in her area! The goodness never stops!

If you haven't bought one of her scarves (I own 2!!), it's time you paid her a visit!

Just know that by owning one of FoxyG's artfully crafted scarves, you are close to a couple of the most generous hands ever, and they took the time to make one just for you!

Thank you for writing about my friend!

londijer said...

OH Lois, Congrats!! You do so deserve the very best, I'm pleased to see this! You are without a doubt one of the most generous people I have had the pleasure to meet through etsy and twitter! U make my heart warm! Mmmwwwaaahh! Kisses...

Anonymous said...

Yay Lois rocks!

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handbag originals

GreenWorks said...

First time I saw your shop and your scarves are beautiful!

You seem to have achieved a lot in the year - not least of which is regard that others clearly hold you in. Great achievements!

Seedlings: Jewelry Because said...

Lois is my favorite Foxy in the whole universe!

I have one of her green and blue ladder scarves in my office for inspiration.

I raise a sock monkey in her honor!

starbaby said...

Lois is too cool for words. Besides going out of her way to help others, she has the most beautiful creations on her site! I am so happy that I first accidentally stumbled upon her by putting an item of hers into the first Etsy Twitter treasury I made. This led to her including me in her art from the <3 blog, which blew me over. She is such a unique woman, with more than the usual amount of talents to share with the world. If you've somehow never encountered her, make plans to. The trip is worth it!

Suzanne@threepeats said...

There is a reason Lois has been successful during her first year on etsy (aside from the amazing things she knits of course!)...her genuine goodness.

a Cagey Bee said...

Congrats Lois! That's so sweet of you to share your stats with all of us too. And it reminds me...I really need to build my Facebook fan page! :)

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