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Monday, September 21, 2009

Shop of the Week: Joslin Jewels

Sheridan Joslin, of, creates, in her words, “fine wire wrapped and gemstone jewelry”. But if you take one look at her shop you can see that it involves so much more than that. Just saying “fine wire wrapped and gemstone jewelry” about her shop is like saying the sculpture David was just sculpted out of plain old marble and is no big deal! Her work is intricate. Her work is simple. Her work is the kind of art that the artist makes the infinitely complex look like it took no effort at all to make and that, my friend, is the hallmark of a great artist.
“Whether simple or intricate, I meticulously craft each piece of jewelry I create. I use only fine metals and carefully selected gemstones. Each piece is original and most are one of a kind.”

The earrings pictured above have wonderful lines. I like how the shape of the ear wire comes down and makes the jewels look as if they are in a bowl. The wire wrapping appears flawless. These earrings would go with almost any outfit from daily casual to dressy business to elegant evening wear.

“I love gemstones as much as I love a good puzzle. Making intricate wire jewelry is like a challenging puzzle. It involves shaping and forging straight wire into intricate designs with no soldering -- only wrapped connections.

“It's an art that dates back thousands of years, and many of the techniques used today are the same as those used in ancient times. With only a few simple tools and careful manipulation, a skilled jewelry artist can sculpt wire into beautiful works of wearable art.”
And that is exactly what Sheridan does with her work. Check out her shop and be amazed!

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Anonymous said...

What talent! Super shop, I'll be following Joslin ASAP.

Patrice @ The Soap Seduction said...

Congrats on being shop of the week! You have some really lovely pieces:)

José said...


Some items show a good creativity.
Others I'd like to see them more simple.
The peapod (sp?) is well achieved.

Kind regards,


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the glowing write up and for the kind comments. I seriously blushed when I read it. ~Sheridan

Alexis said...

Grats on being shop of the week! I love your work, it looks like you put a lot of care & time into each piece... and it really pays off! Gorgeous!

I blogged about you here as well:

Lori said...

Wow , lovely items and talented artist. Wonderful choice for the shop of the week. I tweeted it.

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