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Monday, December 7, 2009

Shop Of The Week: JusShar Designs

Brr! Winter's chill is in the air even here in Atlanta, and that means getting out the warm toasty goodness of my fav pair of fingerless gloves. It also means its time to pay a visit to Jusshar Designs. This snuggly Etsy shop is brimful of hats, scarves, fingerless gloves, shrugs and more, all designed with enough flair to keep winter's worst at bay in style.

Owner Beth Newbern-Hallam loves the satisfaction of taking a "skein or two of yarn and creating something from it. I'm also really beginning to appreciate the process of making yarn. I've been slowly starting to take raw fleece and spin it into yarn. I haven't done enough to actually make something with it because there is so much involved. I have a new respect for spinners!"
Beth gathers inspiration from everywhere. "Every time I see a show, movie, or commercial with fiber creations in it, I think to myself...."bookmark that idea for later". Sometimes I can't sit back and enjoy the movie for all the fiber seeking I'm doing.
Mainly, though, I knit and crochet because I absolutely love to do it. It's almost like I HAVE to do it to feel right with the world."
A growing fondness for the warm beauty of Icelandic wool is fueling Beth's newest interest in working with raw fleece.
"Icelandic sheep are gorgeous animals, and their wool is so incredibly soft. I haven't dyed any of it yet, because I really like the earthy tones ...reds, browns, and blacks are my favorites."
Jusshar Designs is happy to ship internationally as well as create custom items. "I absolutely adore making the sweater shrugs that I have listed as a custom item in my shop! I was surprised at how popular they are with brides."
Beautiful handknits and crocheted pieces make fabulous gifts, so now's the time to take advantage of the discount below:
10% off For Fans of Jusshar on Facebook, With
Free Shipping in the US and Discounted Rates for Those Outside
The US.
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