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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Shop of the week: PunkyJane 2/15-2/21

I love stepping into Sandy Simpson's shop, PunkyJane. She has amazing hand stamped and personalized sterling silver jewelry and gifts, but also works a bit in copper and fine silver. PunkyJane has been selling on Etsy since October 2008, and she does ship internationally. With over 500 sales on Etsy, Sandy feels that the most important thing for people to know about PunkyJane is "is that I truly enjoy working with customers to help create their vision. It's not all about MY design. Hopefully my work will be something they treasure for a very long time. I love a good challenge!"
As all of our team members here get the SOTW questions (our basic questions) Sandy has turned one of our questions into a fun twist. Here is how our conversation went...
Jen: "What are your Twitter tricks of the trade? "Sandy: "Say that 10 times fast!! I think being a part of the Etsy Twitter team has really taught me how to be a good tweeter. It's all about community. Sure, tweet when you list a new product or have a special sale, but I truly believe you'll have more success if people get a feeling for WHO you are, not just WHAT you do. And the nice thing is that it doesn't have to be too's only 140 characters after all!"(to tell you the truth Sandy and fellow readers I did say it 1oX fast-it was not pretty;)

PunkyJane's favorite thing about her craft is: "As a graphic designer, I always had my undo button. It saved me all the time! With stamping, there's a finality to it. I've had to completely change my thinking about how to create. It's taught me that perfection isn't possible, and for me, that's a great lesson to have learned."

Sandy's business resolutions for 2010 for her shop are as follows: "I resolve to become more efficient at the paperwork and communication parts of the business so I can focus on what keeps me going...being creative."

This week Sandy is offering the following sale to our readers:
Free standard shipping on everything in my shop now through February 25, 2010. Use 'TwitterSOTW' in the message to seller box at checkout and your shipping will be refunded via PayPal.
To learn more about Sandy's shop (aka PunkyJane)
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Finding Charm said...

Great feature. I totally understand the undo button!

foxygknits said...

Not only is PunkyJane a fabulous artisan and a beautiful person inside and out - she is a most interesting character. Sandy has a great eraser collection and has authored and illustrated a wonderful children's book:

BBesigns said...

Love this shop.

araon said...
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