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Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Here is the second group of people who are having sales during our Go Green Event. Tomorrow is earth day so enjoy these great sales till tomorrow. Remember to put the "ETTGREEN"receive the amazing discounts!

Go Green tip of the day: When moving a house, apartment, classroom etc. from one place to another stop into your local book stores, coffee shops, or malls. Most of these places get shipments on certain days. Ask to speak to the manager or floor supervisor. 95% of the time they are happy to put the boxes aside to help you move instead of just throwing it into the dumpster. Also check out your local craigslist where people list free (or for a lower cost than your local moving company store) cardboard boxes/shipping materials.
I can tell you from my friends and personal experience this is where you can save lots of money and help the environment! ~Jen

Shop: SalonDArte
Owner: Susan
Link to go Green item:
Greencrafted Mini Paper Purse Book
Other go green items/information:
Most of my items are considered "GreenCraft" as they are made of paper. I try to reclaim/repurpose items to be used in projects. ALL of my product packaging & shipping materials are recycled & repurposed materials.
Sale information:
Free US Domestic First Class shipping on any item during event using "ETTGREEN" promo code in message. Postage will be refunded via paypal.

shop: Prettycheap
owner: Nina
link to your shop:
other green items in shop: Slim blank journals slip effortlessly in the briefcase or backpack - made from discontinued designer fabric samples, cardboard packaging and reclaimed office paper. Rocker meets Mother Nature in 'Recycled Guitar String Bracelets', popularly googled everyday, in both casual and formal designs, single as well as sets of 2 and 3.
Sale information: Receive a sample dried flower note card with every order during the ETTGreen sale (no minimum purchase necessary).

Shop: Handmade By Sandi
Owner: Sandi
Go Green section:
go green items:
what I am selling in the event other
sales information:
FREE SHIPPING in US/Canada on all go green items
*please note that ETT is also giving away one of Sandi's cup cozies here's the link:

Shop: Jus Shar Designs
Owner: Beth
Go Green items in store:
Recycled/Repurposed baby/children clothing
Sale information:
Free shipping within the US on all items purchased from this section in my shop:
* Beth is also doing a giveaway for our team please check back later to find out more about the following giveaway:

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