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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Wonderland wedding treasuries

One of the ways you can shop on etsy and with the Etsytwitter team is through treasuries. When you go to the etsy home page hit buy and find the button that says treasuries. Once you get to the treasuries page you can narrow it down with one of Etsy's newest features for the treasuries: TAGS!! In the search box above the treasury list (make sure its on treasury search) just type in "Etsytwitter team", "Etsytwitter" or "twitterteam". A list of our treasuries will pop up for you from our members.

You can always just type in the name of the shop you are looking for to see their favorite pick example "Jenco13" will bring up just my treasuries.
Another way to look at that one shops picks is to scroll down under the treasury where there is a post by the creator. Under that you will find a button that says "View Jenco13 other treasury list".

Below are two of the wedding treasuries our team has put together for this special event. Just click on the treasury picture and it will take you right to that treasury.

The Elegant Bride~
Created by Judy of Wellspring Creations

The Vampire Weddings
created by: Marisa of MadCandy

A special thanks to Sandi from HandmadebySandi and Sandists for taking the time to make screen prints for this article.

Etsytwitter Team leader

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