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Friday, December 17, 2010

Enjoying the Season With The Etsy Twitter Team

It really feels like Winter now! Cold days that just make me want to snuggle  up, eat something yummy and drink something warm! Well, this post is about enjoying the season and things that make you feel good inside and out!
What's not a better beginning to this post then enjoying a cup of:

Pumpkin Spice Latte Beverage Mix 

by NotYourMamasMix

To think you can even safely enjoy this piping hot beverage if you don't have a mug by using one of these fabulous cup cozies! Good for you and the environment.

Maroon crocheted cup cozy/ cup sleeve

by Jenco13
Thinking of warm and yummy I had sweets on my mind! These might not be edible but what delicious finds I found!
by AquarianBath

Brown Sugar Pecan Soap Bar

by soaprehab
by FromNancysHeart
by scrapwithstyle
How about wrapping yourself up with this versatile autumn colored shawl?
by crochetgal

Want a rich accent to your wrist this season? Then accessorize with this:
by MindyG

Of course, you can't look at this super cute felted bowl and not think SNUGLY.
by HandmadeBySandi

Perfect for keeping your head warm with style is this rich gray yarn hat with a cute little removable bow.

by MoonlightDreams
Most certainly when thinking of keeping warm let us not forget the neck, hands and wrist!
by knittingguru

Soft and Warm Crocheted Wrist Cuff

by DorsetHillBeads

Men get cold hands too! So how about these very cool unisex fingerless gloves?! I only say unisex because I would wear them too!

Hand Knit Fingerless Gloves For Men

by yarncoture

Hope you enjoyed this post and are having a wonderful Winter season!

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Mrs.Kwitty said...

What a warm and wonderful group of items...I feel warmer just from looking!!
Smiles, Karen

MindyG said...

Yum...pumpkin spice latte sounds delicious! Beautiful selection of winter warmth Mikiye, happy holidays everyone!!!

Anonymous said...

You have done it again - always putting together just the right things to make us feel all warm and cuddly!

thanks for including my felted bowl.

Mikiye Creations said...

It's so wonderful having such great items to choose from each week!
I was feeling SO CHILLY in my apartment and thought this would be a perfect theme for a post!!!
Glad you all liked it!!!

Linda B said...

I love everything!

Happy Holidays

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