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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Shop of the Week - MoonlightDreams

Hat - Gray with Brim, Strap and Button - UNISEX
The Etsy Twitter Team presents this weeks' featured shop, MoonlightDreams and it's creator, Barbara Gordon. Barbara crochets a variety of accessories from hats to lacey gloves, from cowls to flower pins. Her items are designed for young adults and both men and women. Barbara says "I feel that my products are stylish, without being 'over the top', and I painstakingly check, and recheck my items before I ship them out. I want them to be fashionable, functional, and extremely durable, at affordable prices."

Barbara lives in sunny Southern California, where the weather greatly influences her approach to business. "I love making warm and cuddly hats and accessories, but the cold season is very short here. Etsy has been my saving grace, allowing me to market my products to the folks in colder climates". Etsy extends her season to include both the Northern and Southern hemisphere (yes! she ships internationally). She focuses on preparing new designs and products during the warmer months.

Barabara learned to crochet at the tender age of 8 years old. "I had a babysitter who wisely taught me to engage in something that would hold my interest and keep me focused. Crocheting has been a lifelong friend to me, and I’ve often thought of that lady and have always felt grateful to her for taking the time to teach a child a craft."

While Barbara's day job is neither artistic nor creative, the work she creates for Etsy allows her to "keep balance and peace in my world". Many an Etsian will understand that!

Barbara's Twitter advice to new tweeters: "Post interesting bits of news intermingled with sale information, and your shop and team promotions. Keep people interested in following you."

I asked Barbara: If you were stranded alone on a dessert island, what 5 things would you want with you? Her response:

"1.Yarn! Because as long as I have yarn with me I’m never bored.
2. My camera, so I could create beautiful pictures.
3. TV (I’m an addict) - I know it’s an island, but I can dream!
4. Water - because without water there is no life.
5. Internet connection - I love being connected to people."

Slouchy Hat in Deep Plum
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Written by Judy of WellspringCreations

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