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Friday, February 4, 2011

Luxury With The Etsy Twitter Team

Like many Americans in this economy I am tightening my belt and budget. I thought how completely fun and decadent it would be to fantasize about what I would do if I suddenly had a Million dollars drop in my lap!
So, after I treated  all the women in my family (the men in my family just aren't into that stuff) to a well deserved weekend at a Spa...What would I buy?
How fantastic to see that once again my talented teammates had me drooling in awe! As always I found some incredible items to spoil yourself with!

This is a GORGEOUS bracelet by TheChainmailleLady.

Sterling Silver Chainmaille Bracelet Using 

The Japanese Chainmaille Weave

Look how versatile this heirloom quality hand dyed super soft wool wrap
by knittingguru is.

Ravishing Ruffled Knit & Crocheted Lace


This one of a kind pendant necklace  by HoneyFromTheBee is a show stopper! 
Chunky amethyst, rainbow obsidian, Swarovski pearls, sterling silver and pyrite 
create this stunning piece.

Handmade Star of India, Ammonite, and 

Amethyst Necklace

The title pretty much says it all with this delicious sampling of a wonderful
assortment of  bath and body items from Aquarianbath.

Valentine's Luxury Bath & Body Heart Shaped 

Gift Basket

With the weather turning chilly lately this cozy, soft and warm cowl 
by kimwhitecreations is perfect!
For those that would like to buy something for yourself and your special 
someone how about these matching keychains by PunkyJane?
Lifting your spirits and finding balance is often associated with Unakite. 
This earthy necklace by KellyCraftStudio3 is a beautiful necklace 
that may make you feel happy as well.

Gold and Unakite Gemstone Necklace

You just can't compare a print to the original thing. I would like to see the 
brush strokes and appreciate this original painting by acageybee. 

The Woodland Path - original painting

WellspringCreations designed this colorful necklace wrapped in a glow 
of exquisite high quality kyanite. A gorgeous One Of A Kind piece.
Based on an antique pineapple pattern, this lightweight crocheted shawl 
by crochetgal is ultra feminine.
If you are a nature lover you might enjoy this original piece by noadi.
Keeping with One Of A Kind items is this very pretty necklace 
by madcandy.

Moss Green Crystal Necklace -OOAK

Rounding out this incredible list is this vibrant One Of A Kind 
shawl wrap by FoxyGknits.
Yellow, Purple and Blue Goddess Shawl Wrap

I certainly enjoyed sharing these extraordinary items with you!
Join me next time for more amazing finds!

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Momma Goddess Treasures said...

Gorgeous picks and I agree--I'd spend the money for several of these!


SAL said...

These aren't luxuries...they're necessities!

Anonymous said...

Tons of gorgeous items!

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Wow!!! fantastic items...what a talented group!
Smiles, Karen

Janet Bocciardi said...

These are deserved pampering treats!

WellspringCreations said...

What gorgeous creations! "Fish swimming through water blowing bubbles" is in ritzy company! Thanks!

Pretty Whimsical said...

Lovely post. I want one of each!

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