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Monday, February 21, 2011

SOTW -- Faerytalewings

Pink Blossoms
Our shop of the week features a match made in Heaven: Lydia and Curtis Kinsey! Lydia is the artist who keeps a shop full of colorful designs to delight young and old alike and also some thoughtfully lovely pen-and-ink sketches. Curtis does some art, but is mainly the background support structure who handles the business end (and also can take a lot of the credit for our ETT website!)

Lydia's designs are very recognizeable. She often uses a softer palette and doesn't draw in an over-complicated manner. From her haunting Undine to her I-can-almost-smell-it Hot Chocolate Cocoa and Marshmallows, her body of work offers something for virtually everyone. Got an idea that you'd love? Just ask! Lydia is open to personalizing a work for you!

"Because we live in Florida," Lydia says "the landscape and weather influences the painting. Take for example Ripe Lemon Yellow Seascape"--it is basically a Gulf Coast sunset!

Lydia has had several inspirational events and people in her life. She was fortunate to travel to Italy at the impressionable age of 14. She was further inspired by Elaine Dubin, her painting instructor for several years. Sticking to her own style, she also admires artist Frank Frazetta for his bold colors and sculptural men and women. Says Lydia, "No little stick ladies!"

Feeling strongly about art, Lydia would put her money to good use if she had $1 million and had to give away every penny. She would donate it to "small school arts programs, because politicians will never, ever, ever understand the importance or need for art in the curriculum."

The following piece by Lydia is an ACEO: "Artist Trading Cards (or ATCs) are miniature works of art about the same size as modern baseball cards" as defined by wikipedia.
Antionette Peony ACEO
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Written by Judy of WellspringCreations


foxygknits said...

I LOVE Lydia's work. In fact, I have purchased five of her Disney princesses for my own little princess granddaughter!

SewDanish-Scandinavian Textile Art, Unique Handmade Supplies said...

Great interview. It is always lovely getting to know the people behind the names.

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