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Sunday, February 13, 2011

SOTW - soaprehab

Oatmeal Stout Soap Bar
We're stepping into the spa with this week's Etsy Twitter Shop of the Week, soaprehab. Sara Addington, licensed Esthetician, makes soap and lip balms out of materials so luscious it's a shame you can't eat them! Check out some of these names: Pears in Champagne Soap Bar, Brown Sugar Pecan Soap Bar, and (my personal favorite) Chocolate Covered Cherry Soap Bar! Many of these delicious-sounding soaps are made with wholesome ingredients like avocado oil and mango butter. Perfect for the person who wants natural, yet fun, bath and body products! Sara's goal with her product is to provide "Great formulas that work well, feel luxurious, with unique scents."

Sara has been inspired by both crafts and skin care from a very young age: "I was reading skin care books by age 12. My mom, grandma, aunts, and sister also used to do a lot of crafting together. One of us would bring a project to try, and we'd all craft around my grandma's kitchen table. But it was my sister with whom I made my first batch of soap. She invited me over to get together and make soap in her kitchen one day 9 years ago, using some books as tutorials, and it started my passion for soap making!"

I asked about her inspiration and Sara exaplained she is always open to new ideas: "Everything around me seems to inspire me to think about soap or lotions and such! My son's skin needs, a friend's desire for a certain type of product, something I see during a walk along our local nature trail, different textures, smells, colors, even home decor, fashion and perfume trends."

While her soaps are luxurious and elegant, her taste in art tends more toward the "mod [and] retro designs that are light-hearted but stylish. Among my favorites are designers with unique style paired with function like Saarinen, the fab textiles of Marimekko, the paintings of Mondrian, and a whole host of amazing Etsy artists."

An unexpected side of Sara is that she has a degree in Psychology! Her expertise in human psychology may have influenced her take on Twitter, or she may just have a wide streak of common sense: "Try to find interesting content to post to bring more followers in and give them a reason to interact with you. Twitter can be overwhelming at first, but I think it helps to check in a few times a day, see what is going on, and take it from there without trying to follow every single post."

Her philanthropic side leans toward the human, too. If she had $1million to give away she would give it to "local organizations that I care about and do really good work...specifically our local women's shelter, the teen center, and the animal foster care program."

Bonsai Soap Bar
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Written by Judy of WellspringCreations


Mrs.Kwitty said...

Great shop!! Such beautiful soaps and so creative!
Smiles, Karen

Janet Bocciardi said...

Great write-up on a talented and creative shop owner!

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