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Sunday, April 3, 2011

SOTW - MAD Design

If your like me I spend tons of time picking out that perfect card for that special day. Well look no further! This is a must book mark/heart it and add into your circle shop. The shop of the week (SOTW) is your paper goods destination shop. Mad Design is run by the lovely Marisa.

Marisa designs (through art) and makes the paper goods you see featured in the Mad Design shop. If you enjoy simple, modern design with a sense of whimsy then her shop is the perfect one for you on Etsy.

Did you know that she "began my career as a toy designer"? No? Well because of this background Marisa "likes to think that I have a strong sense, not only of basic design, but also of fun and whimsy and I want my products to make you smile." Her design and influence runs deeper from just toy making. It also comes from her "my high school art teacher who gave me the confidence to pursue art school and taught me that a little belief in myself can go a long way. Today I am very influenced by my husband, and fellow designer, who not only inspires me but also helps pull me out of my creative ruts."

What I love about Marisa is her heart of gold. We asked her If you had a million dollars to give away what would you do with it? She replied back with "I would give it to schools to preserve all arts programs. I just cringe when the arts are the first things cut when budget issues arise. The arts are beneficial in so many ways and are so critical to our development, culture, communities, even our economy. They should never be underestimated."

WOW!! How true this must be for Marisa and so many other talented artist.

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