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Monday, July 18, 2011

SOTW – Aquarian Bath

Mental Clarity Aromatherapy Roll On Perfume Strength Unisex

We are thrilled to have the pleasure of featuring Cory Trusty from AquarianBath for the Shop of the Week!

Cory makes soaps, shampoo bars, aromatherapy items, perfumes, lip balms, herbal salves, and lavender neck pillows. She also offers a growing list of supplies including Raw Unrefined Shea Butter (the yellow good quality stuff!), Raw Cocoa Butter, Candelilla Wax (a vegan beeswax alternative), and Bentonite Clay.

Her items are especially good for people with sensitive skin or a sensitivity to scents. She also has specialty soaps and salves for people with skin problems.

I just love that all of her scented items are made with pure essential oils and are lightly scented. She does not add any chemical fragrances, which people often can have a reaction to if they are sensitive. And for those of you who prefer unscented items, she makes unscented soaps too!

Now if that wasn’t enough…. all of her soap bars are hard, long lasting, and do not contain palm oil with consideration to Orangutan Habitat.

When we asked her what advice she might have for new Twitter users she said, “Make your own lists on Twitter! It makes it much easier to keep up with different groups of interest.”

You can really tell that she stands behind her products and her products are a representation of who she is and what she believes. When asked if she had a million dollars, she says she would “give it to people doing alternative energy research and building community gardens.”

We asked her who her favorite artist is and why and this is what she said, “I have a science background and I really love the Symphony of Science videos. I find them inspiring:
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She has been influenced by “Susun Weed in terms of the herbal aspect of my work. She has done a lot to make herbalism accessible and popular in North America. Susun Weed encourages the use of locally grown wild herbs for creating herbal medicines.”

When asked, If you had to live anywhere else EXCEPT where you are (cost, no object :), where would it be and why? She said, ”I would say Kiribati. I'm already thinking about moving there for a while, and wondering if there is a way to do it with out closing my business, because it is very remote (South Pacific). My husband has business there over the next 2 years, so multiple trips are anticipated. Kiribati has the most wonderful Virgin Coconut oil and everything grown on the islands is pesticide free. I would love to make soap there from locally grown virgin coconut oil.”

Skin Regeneration Balm 2 oz

Cory happily ships internationally. Priority packages ship next day, the same as domestic packages. First class ship within 4 days.

This week she is having a special for the Etsy Twitter blog readers: coupon code: EtsyTwitter for 10% off enter the coupon code at checkout

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