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Monday, August 1, 2011

SOTW- MostFavoriteAunt

It's August and the kiddies are getting ready to go back to school!! Can you hear the adults all cheer while the kiddies hearts are racing?? During this time we, parents and teachers, are running about trying to get the school stuff together. But look no further for cool knits and flair (buttons). This weeks shop of the week, MostFavoriteAunt, is perfect for any kid, kids at heart or anyone who doesn't want the fun to stop!

This shop truly has the "MOSTFAVORITEAUNT" and her name is Pam. Now there are a lot of Knits and flair shops out there on etsy. But in Pam's shop her items are inexpensive and have personality. "I have a day job, and my ETSY store is for fun. People can buy a little piece of me for not too much money."
I asked Pam the following questions and you can see what a kind, loving and thoughtful person Pam is!

What advice would you give a new Twitter user? Be yourself! Talk about you! People want to know about you, not just see a link to the products you're selling.

If you had $1M and HAD to give away every penny, to whom would you give it and why? There are a few projects that are very close to my heart - and from time to time you'll see listings for them in my ETSY shop. AIDS Network, Susan G Komen Foundation, Newborns in Need, and Handmade Afghans Project (HAP)

Who was the most influential person in teaching you your craft and why? My grandma. Not only did she teach me how, she was a wonderful example of why. Our family has some amazing heirloom crafts: rocking horses, afghans, tablecloths, furniture, etc. Not only is it a gift you can use, but a little piece of you.

How does your environment or locale influence your work, creativity, or inventory? When I'm not globe-trotting for work, I live in Wisconsin. The winters are long and cold. It's the perfect climate for wooly warmers. (BRRR!!)

For the month of August: Free USA shipping with coupon code ESOTW.

I do ship internationally!!
(If the country is not listed, please convo me for shipping price.)


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