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Sunday, February 6, 2011

SOTW - Aquariann

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Our Etsy Twitter Team Shop of the Week is Aquariann which features the vibrant art of Kristin Cornell who goes by the name, you guessed it, Aquariann! I knew I was in for a treat when I found out she'd named her computer "Nightcrawler"! I chuckled so much at her responses to my interview questions, I am going to present them verbatim. Enjoy!

Who are your products targeted to? Whimsical souls like mine! I draw what I wish and hold tight to the glimmering hope that others will enjoy twirling around my fantasy world as much as I do.

What sets your products apart from the competition? I made an absolute mess with paint and charcoals while taking the obligatory art classes in school. Discovering Prismacolor colored pencils years later was like being handed my very own magic wand. I rarely see other artists using the medium in nearly the same vibrant way.

What advice would you give a new Twitter user? Have fun! Don't just tweet about your own products or you'll only attract spammers. Find other Etsyians with like interests (easiest way is to join a rocking street team like Etsy Twitter) and get to know them. The more you support others, the more likely it is that they'll RT your promotions in return.

If you had $1M and HAD to give away every penny, to whom would you give it and why? I'd donate it to Women Supporting Women, a local non-profit organization whose mission is to provide awareness, education and support to all those who are affected by breast cancer. My mom and my fiance's aunt are both survivors, so the cause is very important to me. Read more about breast cancer awareness on my blog.

Who is your favorite artist and why? Alphonse Mucha. His art nouveau illustrations are ever so pretty. *stare*

Who was the most influential person in teaching you your craft and why. I'm self-taught, so it's hard to pinpoint just one person. There are an incredible amount of artists behind my favorite comic books, animes and cartoons that motivated me to pick up that first pencil to draw fan art.

What is one thing people would be surprised to know about you? Quiet ole me was a cheerleader in middle and high school. :-X

How does your environment or locale influence your work, creativity, or inventory? I live near the ocean so a handful of sea creatures have swam into my works.

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Written by Judy of WellspringCreations

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