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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I Need Shops for Our Promotion!

St. Patrick’s Day Scavenger Hunt: Find the Leprechaun

To celebrate St. Patrick’s Day we are having a scavenger hunt to “Find the Leprechaun”! A random selection of participating shops will hide a picture of a “leprechaun” in one of their item listings. A list of participating shops will be on the team blog post announcing the contest. To enter the contest people must send an email to with the web address or URL of the item with the “leprechaun” in the listing.

Winners will be chosen at random from the entries for one of 5 prizes. They may enter more than once as long as each entry is for a different item that has a “leprechaun”. Entries must be received by midnight EST on March 16th. The drawing will take place on March 17th.

Since our team is so large I cannot let every shop participate – the list on the blog will be too long. I’m taking the first 30 shops that send an email to Your email MUST include your Etsy shop address. If your email does not include your Etsy shop address I will not count you as part of the 30 on the list. If you have two shops, please only sign up with one shop. Please have at least 10 items for sale in your shop.

I am in need of five donations for prizes. Let me know in an email to if you are willing to donate a prize. Tell me about the prize you wish to donate in the email. If you have a URL for your donation so I can see it that would help me very much. If you donate a prize you will be responsible for mailing the prize to the winner. I will give you the shipping info when I receive it from the winners. I will need a photograph of your prize for the blog as soon as I let you know you will be a prize giver.

Only 10 shops will hide a leprechaun. I want people to really have to hunt through our shops to find the leprechauns. I will let you know if your shop has been chosen to hide a leprechaun as soon as I get enough team shops signed up.

When the blog post is up with the list of shops I expect everyone to promote the contest on Twitter and your blogs. We need to get the word out to as many people as possible for this to work out well.


Kat said...

Great, I just emailed and will donate an item if I'm one of the first 30. How fun!

Ambient Lights said...

Yea! I'm in as one of the 30 and I offered to donate as well. It sounds like a lot of fun! =)

Sunset Soaps said...

sounds like fun!

Linda said...

It does sound like fun. Am I in?

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