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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Backlinks - New Blog Feature

Backlinks have now been enabled on the Etsy Twitter Team (ETT) Blog, making it easier and faster to share articles, news about the Shop of the Week, ETT Treasuries and more, on your own blog.

What are backlinks? They are posts on a person’s blog which contain a link to an original post or article on another blog. They work much the same way that Re-Tweeting does, sharing the original article with your readers. The more backlinks to a blog, the higher it will rise in the search rankings, the more viewers and followers it will get, and ultimately, the more exposure it will generate for the team and all of its member shops.

So creating a backlink to a post on the ETT blog is a great way to help everyone on the team, get your participation credits for the month, and solve the “what am I going to post on my blog today?” dilemma all at the same time!

First, scroll down to the end of the blog post, and next to word “Comments”, you will see “Links to This Post”.

Click on"Links to This Post" and then on "Create a Link", and it will pop up a screen with the link code and generate a new Blogger blog post with the original link in it.

This window is the same as if you had clicked "New Post" from your Blogger dashboard. You can add more writing to it before posting. Then click publish and you are done!

If you have more than one blog, you will see a drop-down list in the upper right hand corner that allows you to select which blog to use.

For non-Blogger blogs, the link code provided will allow you to backlink to the original post.

The backlink will only be logged if you use this process and not if you just make a link to the team blog from your blog. Having the links logged this way helps our search results. In addition, when you create a backlink, your link shows up on the team blog at the end of the post you linked to. So it's more advertising for your blog!

Please use this new feature, as it will help get more views to our team blog! Try it! You might like it! Thanks!


tamdoll said...

Great feature! I've seen this Create a Link before, but didn't know that it creates a link back to your blog at the end of the post, too.
I just Created a Link from the ET Shop of the Week post here:

South Paw Studios said...

wow, that is a great tool. will make life much easier. I love little things that simplify.
-katy at

bugs 'n' bees said...

Fabulous! Thank you SO much!

imwithsully said...

Don't have Blogger, but Wordpress. So, I've finally added a badge and link in my blogroll.

Anonymous said...

I am am on WordPress. I have put the badge on my site and also have created a link in my blogroll.

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