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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Time Has Almost Come!

Wow! What a ride this has been since January when the Etsy Twitter Team finally got under way! Our growth was exponential! And through the last six months we have formed a really nice tight knit community. We have had some really great promotions and lots of fun. We have put our pin on the map!

At start we had over 300 members. We lost a few when we instituted Participation Policies. We’re down to about 80 members now. But that had to happen because our goal is to be the authority on Twitter for all things handmade. We cannot do that if the whole team is not participating.

Now that we have scaled back to the people who really want to make this team work, we have room for some new members. Starting tomorrow at 12:00 pm EST we will be accepting 25 new members. First come. First served.

Many factors contribute to why we are only accepting 25 new members. First and foremost is my health at the moment, to be completely open about it. I have some chronic pain issues that have flared severely and can only do so much right now even with the support of our awesome co-leader, Kristen. Secondly, we want to grow the team in a controlled manner as there is a lot of information for new members to catch up on and learn. Having someone get lost in a big membership shuffle is not what I want for our new members. We take care of members really well here and I want that to continue.

My plan is to open for 25 new members every so often until we reach a certain number that has yet to be decided. So if you are interested in joining I advise you to keep tabs on this blog. I will not be taking names for a waiting list.

Tomorrow at 12:00 pm EST I will post instructions for how to join. Hope to see you there!

Vickie Porter
Etsy Twitter Team Leader


My Mother's Garden said...

Looking forward to finding out how to join the Etsy Twitter team. See you tomorrow at noon.

Tea and Sweets said...

Hello! :) See you then

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