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Friday, November 6, 2009

Uncommon Talents Part 2

Not only can they say it and send it in 140 characters or less, but the Etsy Twitter Team has an abundance of hidden talents, skills and life experiences. Let’s get to know some of them “up close and personal.” Consider yourself warned…

Just Mystical

I don't know what it is. I believe that it comes from God. I think I'm nothing more than a tool by which energy or this thought processes come in. ~Sylvia Browne

starbabyonline is a 4th generation psychic medium with more than 40 years of reading experience.

When lindab142 was 15, she discovered the author and "sleeping prophet," Edgar Cayce and began reading his books about ESP and psychic energy. Her mom was interested in the topic as well, and they began reading the same books about psychics and mediums. Lindab142 began reading Tarot cards and getting vibes from them. Later, she met a shaman and began to work on her psychic skills – learning to read auras and past lives. When she taps into this energy, she no longer needs cards to pick up vibes.

Just the Unexpected
crochetgal has been involved with the automobiles of American Motors for about 30 years and was Executive Secretary to the CEO of American Motors Owners Association for about eight years. She still owns an original street legal AMX – only one of 900 built – and has been spotted occasionally with it at the local quarter-mile track. (A little dash for cash, crochetgirl?)
<------1980 AMX

Just Plain Awesome
In 1997, dizzlePOP founded the gold (loop) ribbon, what is now the international symbol for Childhood Cancer Awareness. At age seven, just after finishing first grade, her oldest daughter, Kelsey, was diagnosed with leukemia. She died 26 days later – not from cancer, but from the harsh chemotherapy. After she died, dizzlePOP got involved in the world of childhood cancer, becoming the president of a childhood cancer organization in Salt Lake City, and ultimately launching the gold ribbon campaign.

Just Plain Interesting
beadsofglass spent seven years in Honduras. She lived in a small adobe house with pigs and chickens running around and laying eggs on her pillow and cows and bulls in her front yard. She taught English to 20 barefoot mountain kids whom she loved and helped raise money to provide them with shoes, clothes and a chance at high school. Although beadsofglass is NYC born and raised, those were some of the best years of her life.

Just Plain Smart
NikkyLeeDesigns qualified for Mensa five to six years ago. She took their test and found out a few weeks later that she got in. They don't reveal your score; they just let you know that you qualified. (People, to be in Mensa, you have to have an I.Q. in the top 2% of the population – hello!)

Just Plain Cute
When Mikiye was much younger (thank goodness), she was IN LOVE with Shaun Cassidy and, apparently, also John Travolta. She had Shaun Cassidy posters, t-shirts and a pillow case with him on it. She also had her share of Tiger Beat magazines too. Her Mother once told her that she and her best friend would play for hours pretending one was Mrs. Cassidy and one was Mrs. Travolta!

Just Plain Nice
HandmadeBySandi grew up in the city and never saw a farm until she met and married her current husband. Now they are farming full time, donating much of what they grow to local churches.

Just Plain Nuts
threepeats bungee-jumped for the first (and last) time in her life on a visit to New Zealand last October. She was 56 at the time!

NikkyLeeDesigns paraglided off a 3,000 meter mountain in Interlaken, Switzerland in 2000, although she had no previous training in this recreational and competitive sport. Oh, yes, she is afraid of heights, but who could pass up this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. (Just ask me – I could!)

burlapworks loves to go cliff jumping (into water – thank goodness!) in the summer. She used to go cliff jumping on skis when she lived on the west coast of British Columbia.

Just Pink

<-----------A Picture is worth a thousand words.

Just WHAT college did you attend?

FromNancysHeart graduated from Glassboro State College in New Jersey. The school was given a tremendous 200 million dollar endowment by Mr. Rowan, so it became Rowan College. Eventually, it received university status. Each change brought a new diploma for a grand total of – count them – three.

Just Multi-Faceted

I like making a piece of string into something I can wear. ~Author Unknown

RhodesAnnals grew up in a coal mining town and took ballroom dance lessons from the age of 6 until 12. She also sang in the school choir and in local talent competitions. As a member of a local amateur dramatics group, she performed Gilbert and Sullivan. She also used to swim competitively. Now, she knits – which greatly amuses her friends as knitting is still regarded as “a grandma activity” in the area in which she lives. (“And what is wrong with knitting and grandma activities,” she asks - while knitting away and admiring the photos of her little granddaughter.)

Please join us tomorrow for part three of this three-part series

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South Paw Studios said...

love it! so interesting

Jess :) said...

Oh, how did I miss this on the list - FromNancysHeart and I have the same Alma Mater! Though I only recently graduated Rowan University, so my diploma count is at two (one for each degree) :)

capecodjewel said...

These are GREAT blog posts! :)

Suzanne@threepeats said...

I love this feature, Lois and not just because I'm not the only ETT member that's just plain nuts! These are just the kind of tidbits we usually miss learning about each other online!

Mikiye Creations said...

I just LOVE finding out all this about my awesome teammates!
...not quite sure if I should be mortified about my little blip here...then again, I DID put that up on my blog for all to see!!!!
BTW, I was at my Mom's over the weekend and last night we watched a Documentary "Hollywood Singing and Dancing" and it highlighted a part of Saturday Night Fever and we actually talked about the whole John Travolta Shawn Cassidy Story!!!!
...ah, good times....

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