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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Uncommon Talents

Part I
Not only can they say it and send it in 140 characters or less, but the Etsy Twitter Team has an abundance of hidden talents, skills and life experiences. Let’s get to know some of them “up close and personal.” Don't say we didn't warn you...

To David Letterman: We have several candidates for your stupid people tricks segment…

SweetwaterGifts is double jointed and can cross all her fingers over the next knuckles and fold her thumbs back - on both hands all at the same time.

Southpawstudios is a self-taught juggler who thoroughly delights her little toddler with her circus-like feats.

One is just an object; two is a pair; three is a collection…

PunkyJane has an extensive eraser collection that she started in the 5th grade with a friend, and they still occasionally exchange erasers as gifts. She has over 400 in a display case, plus another 20+ in a clear jar in her office. According to this eraser maven, the Sanrio ones are the best!

Foxygknits has a collection of more than 3,000 weird, old ashtrays that live in her master bedroom. (She inhabits the West Wing!) She also has cigarette cases and boxes, lighters, old magazine ads, sheet music and many promotional pieces that were put out by the various cigarette companies. Her goal is to one day curate an exhibit of the 20th century as seen through these items.

geekdetails has a collection of about 30 vintage, functional suitcases that live around her house, including the bedroom and the garage. One was designed specifically as a portable liquor bar and another as a portable coffee bar. You never know what you will find when you open one of her suitcases – unless you first read the label.
Random electric parts, anyone? --------------------->

“I speak two languages, Body and English.” ~Mae West

Charleneanderson knows a fair amount of Hawaiian and can fake her way around the world in about six other languages.

Lostmitten is currently taking a Japanese language course for fun!

FromNancysHeart is learning Spanish by watching telenovellas – Mexican soap operas – on Telemundo. Originally, she was looking for something to watch a few summers ago, and she fell in LOVE with Christian Meir, a very handsome actor. As Nancy didn't have closed caption at the time, she had to start figuring out what they were saying. Recently, they are including closed caption (English subtitles) on the most popular soaps, and it helps a great deal!

Firebirdhouse is fluent in French and lived in the Southwest of France for her senior year of high school.

BORN in New Jer-sey; I was BORN in New Jer-sey…

Frostedtreats hails from Freehold, NJ, Bruce Springsteen's hometown – NOT Asbury as many suppose. So, she can locate many of the places about which he sings. When she was an infant, Bruce held her and gave her parents an autograph mentioning how cute she was.

Another Jersey fact: Jon Bon Jovi use to hit on her Mom at a local music club. “Mom” was WAAY underage at the time (can you say “15”) and using her older sister's ID.

She walks in beauty like the night… ~Lord Byron
JaybirdDesigns was a top 10 finalist for the Beaver County River Regatta beauty pageant when she was 18 and competed in the Miss Majorette of Pennsylvania competition in high school.

Goddess of Lilliput

is under 5’ tall

Please join us tomorrow for part two of this three-part series.


South Paw Studios said...

this was so fun to read, love getting to know fun facts about people! thanks!

In My Head Studios said...

Thanks, Lois! Looking forward to the next parts! That one was fun!

Shari said...

Looks like collections are abundant in Etsytwitter Land!

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