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Sunday, June 20, 2010


Congratulations and welcome to our newest members**!!

Here is a list of their etsy shop names and twitter addresses. I hope all of you join me with following their tweets and learning about their shops.

If you didn't get into our teams this time around please

continue to look out for our next open enrollment.
(Only the people listed below were accepted at this time.)**

Best wishes


Etsy twitter team leader

How info is set up: Name of shop owner/ etsy shop/ twitter addresses

1-Rita: and



4- Lea:


6- Nora:

7- Raceytay:


9- Claire:

10- Steph:

11-Ellie Jacobson


13-Marisa :

14- Robin

15-Curtis & Lydia



18- Donnielle


20- Wendy

21- Bev

22- Aubrey and

More will be posted shortly I'm still waiting back on a few people to respond to my emails ;)


Linda said...

welcome new tweeters. I'm going to add you ASAP


Janet Bocciardi said...

What a great welcome!! Thank you all.

I've followed all the newbies like me, but where can I find a list of those that are old hands at this? I'd like to to a follow on their twitter accts too.


steph said...

oh yes please! where can we see a list of the current members so i can be sure to follow everyone?

thanks so much for the warm welcome!

Jenco13 said...

OK OK ill post one of all the members next week. It will also be on our yahoo group. Ill tell you all more soon. - jen

racey.tay said...

Fabulous to be among you! Thanks again :)

foxygknits said...

Welcome everyone! I am now following everyone on the list above. In fact, I was already following some of you. If you would tweet your facebook pages with the #etsytwitter hashtag, we can follow you on facebook as well.

Design Knit Fun said...

Thank you for the welcome ! I have followed back a few people already seeing a lot of familiar people and will be getting tags and more acclimated over the next few days:-)

Meine Maria said...

Thank you so much. I appreciate the welcome and look forward to being a member!

Robin Maria Pedrero said...

Thanks for the super welcome!!!!I am so happy to be a member!

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