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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Heads up...

Hey all!!
I'm truly excited about opening membership today.
You'll have to hang out just a bit while longer.
However in the mean time these are our requirements so you know what to expect.
Best wishes.

Being part of a team means working together for a common goal. This means that you actually have to do something in order to reach that goal. So I am implementing new Team Participation Policies effective immediately.

In order to participate in our team promotions and events you must be considered an Active Member. This includes all shops that are currently signed up for future spots as Shop of the Week.

In order to be considered an Active Member, you must do the following:

• Twitter about something team related at least 4 times per month. You must use the team hashtag #etsytwitter or I will not see your tweet. Tweets about your own shop don't count. They have to be about the team. Of course I strongly encourage you to tweet about the team much more frequently than this as well.

~Sign into the MANDATORY SIGN IN'S EACH AND EVERY MONTH! There is no excuse on why you can't sign into these sign ins.
Please make sure you're reading the notes from me on Page 1 to know what to add to your sign in's. Each month will be different and it will help me to manage the team better.

Additionaly I kindly ask you to promote in other ways. Remember when its your turn to be SOTW or on one our team promotions you would want others to help promote you as well.

• Blog about the Shop of the Week. If you can, please blog about each Shop of the Week as well as write up promotional posts about other team members.

~let us know of blogs your having that you would want to have a theme going from our team members

~if your doing a sotw for your personal blog DO NOT post it as SOTW NOW UP (in title) instead write I have a picked a new shop to talk about on my blog so there is no confusion between our SOTW and you're SOTW.

• Create an Etsy Twitter Team treasury (in order for it to post on our blog please email Vickie directly and make sure they are ALL active members in the treasury)

~In order to be considered for SOTW you must do team requirements (tweets and mandatory sign in's). You also must be part of our team for a min. of 6 months. Additionally you must have no warnings against your shops name.

Failure to do these things (TWEET AND MANDATORY SIGN IN'S) will be grounds for one warning. If you get more than 3 warnings in a 6 month period I will ask you to leave our team. **IF you signed up for SOTW YOU WILL FORFEIT YOUR WEEK ONCE YOU RECEIVE ONE WARNING!
HOWEVER, if you do sign into the threads and tweet 4 times per month for 6 months in a fow it will remove the warning on your account.

I’m not asking for much of your time at all. Tweeting something takes less than five minutes. A blog post can take up less than 30 minutes. If you have time to work on and promote your Etsy shop and use Twitter, you have time to promote the Etsy Twitter Team.

Thank you!

Jennifer Kuebrich
Etsy Twitter Team Leader


Curtis said...

When are sign ups being taken? Today? Or are we waiting until tomorrow?

Curtis said...

Also, what information are we going to be giving for sign ups?
I assume etsy username and shop name, twitter account, and email. Anything else?

Jenco13 said...


Curtis said...

Oh thanks! Silly me, I didn't see the post right below this one! I read the intro as a hold on kinda thing. Woops!

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