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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Shop of the Week: SalonDArte

This weeks shop of the week is SalonDArte. Owned and run by the very talented Susan M. Brown {sbartist} from Fort Lauderdale, FL. Susan creates " paper-crafts mainly. Paper ornaments, lanterns, cards, collages, and mini books are my specialty. I paint, dabble in photography and other media, too. My items are quite different from knitting, crocheting and jewelry that many of my talented Etsy friends create. For my family and friends, they always get a special handmade gift from me - earrings or a bracelet - something special made just for them. Each item is hand made. A one-of-a-kind creation. Not machined, mass-produced or factory made - Handmade. Time and attention to detail is given to each piece and in many cases, I even make a custom package to give it a proper home. Even though the supplies may be the simple and small in nature, each piece comes to life with it's own character and special charm - making it something to treasure."

The favorite thing about my crafts is their simplicity and attention to detail. Being a graphic artist by trade, and a habitual perfectionist working in the printing industry, I focus on the little details - that one thing that is the finishing touch, the personality of the item. Especially with my ornaments. I have my own collection of personally chosen gems for my tree, and it's those details that always catch my eye.

I get inspiration from everywhere. Sometimes this could be a bad thing, because I am one who loves to dabble in many media - and I have many media at my disposal. A week ago Friday, I was standing in the Grand Canyon, what a beauty of nature, with so many juxtapositions of color and texture - so I was a photographer that day. Just this past Sunday I attended a clothing Swap-a-rama and ladies were altering clothes and silk screening on site at the event. A "Light bulb" went off over my head - collage my I'm now off on another tangent! I have the luxury of using my Etsy shoppe for my alter-artistic ego. Lately I have been really into artfully recycling things, and giving things a crafty second life. I love making cards - they are a small canvas that can go in many directions. Also I love to teach, and I share my artistic, crafty knowledge with others, which is the greatest reward.

An insiders tip about how Etsians ship their handmade items..

"something about shipping. I think that many etsians would agree, we are in a quandry about shipping. We aren't in the business of selling shipping, just recouping the cost. Due to the odd size and shape of my items, the shipping may seem expensive. The ornaments and lanterns are made of paper & hollow inside - these have to be double boxed and have extra cushion to keep from being crushed in shipment. Honestly, shipping is a means of delivery, not profit. Many times the postage is more expensive than what I am charging to ship - it's more expensive than the item I'm selling in some cases. If it's not in an envelope and less than 13 ounces, the cost of shipping is getting pretty ridiculous. I prefer to use priority mail, they provide sturdy packaging, the service is pretty reliable and the less time it's being handled the better. I have a beautiful china doll my uncle sent me for my ninth birthday that was delivered via UPS. When I opened the box and picked her out of the packaging, her neck was broken in several pieces. My mom was able to super glue it, but it was never the same. Now the glue is aged and brown on the white porcelain. It's a constant reminder to me that when it comes to shipping precious cargo, one should never be to frugal. Please keep this in mind when shopping with your favorite etsy artisans."

Susan shared with me her :special events or plans do you have for your shop/business over the summer. Since this is my 1 year etsy-versary this month and that most of my items revolve around items for the holidays - I will be celebrating Christmas in July ALL month long. During July 5th through July 11th, I will be giving free US domestic first Class shipping for all items in my shop.

Special deals or coupons for the week and how they work/are redeemed if you have them: July 5th through July 11th, all items in my shop will have FREE US domestic first Class shipping. No coupon code necessary. The shipping cost will already be adjusted. For international shipping, please convo for invoice with shipping cost.

Written by
Etsy twitter team leader, Jen


Lea Avroch said...

Great article! Such beautiful work!

SalonD'Arte said...

Jen, Thanks for the blog post and featuring my shop this week for the EtsyTwitter Team. ETT is the best!
: ) Susan {SalonDArte}

Robin Maria Pedrero said...

These pieces you make are just fabulous!!!! So glad to get to know you via etsytwitter team!!

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