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Monday, May 23, 2011

SOTW - RhodesAnnalsDesigns

In the beautiful shop RhodesAnnalsDesign, Claire sells beautiful gifts (crocheted, knits, bags, bunting, and lip balm). She has many great products that are usually bought for others as a special gift or a "treat" for themselves.
Now I know there are sooooooooo many places on etsy that sells knits and crocheted products. BUT THEY ARE NOT CLAIRE'S. Claire's products are made with love for the craft. You can see this in her pictures. She pays close attention to details to make every item extra special.
Claire told me that her favorite artist was Dali: "When I was growing up I was fascinated with Dali – the idea that there were no rules. Clocks could melt on trees! ( As a knitter I’ve always been in awe of Kaffe Fassett’s ( work and I’m a huge fan of Debbie Bliss ( "

We all have a story on who the most influential person is in teaching our craft. Heres Claire's story: "Both of my grandma’s taught me to knit, my mum taught me to crochet and to sew, my aunt (who is only 10 years older than me) taught me to embroider and cross stitch, my grandma’s neighbor taught me how to make lace and I have a collection of wooden bobbins. I think it is very important to ‘pass it on’ and I've been teaching the children in my son’s class how to knit. "

It is also known that our environment or location can influence our work, creativity and inventory in our stores
"I, Claire, started my Etsy shop after moving close to where I was born (after living in Scotland, the South East of England, Wales and then back to the South East) which is very close to Sherwood Forest. Unfortunately it’s not quite what you see in the films but the local woodland and countryside is very soothing and I feel a lot more grounded here. I think my cowls have a lot to do with my childhood fantasies of being Maid Marion."

Claire is offering our readers the following deal for this week only:

I’m offering 15% off in my shop with the code RADTWEET
(Yes, she does ship internationally! )

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Janet Bocciardi said...

Beautiful knitted luxury items! Love her work.

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