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Monday, May 16, 2011

SOTW- Maubys

If you've ever wanted to learn to sew then you have to check out this weeks shop of the week Maubys! Maubys is run and owned by the lovely and talented Aubrey. In her shop you will find patterns that "targeted at sewers, beginners to experienced, who are looking for easy to follow patterns. My main focus is sewing patterns. I also create other small items to sell on Etsy when I feel inspired or just want to sew! Some of the items that I make to photograph for patterns or tutorials I also sell on Etsy."

After doing many one on one sewing lessons, Aubrey has focused on writing my patterns in a simple step by step method with a photo or diagram for just about every step. "Basically my patterns are very similar to my free tutorials that I post every week. I do not believe that sewing should be a mystery or feel overly complicated. My favorite comments about my patterns or teaching are when people say, “Wow! That was so EASY!”

In Aubrey's case its not just one person who inspires her. She told me "My whole family! I come from creative stock. While none of them ever taught me to sew they were always creating things throughout my life. My parents built their home themselves when I was a kid, I even helped! My mom was always up to something crafty, basket weaving, painting, floral arrangements, stamping, sewing, you name it and she did it. Even my great-grandparents were creative! My great-grandma had a rock polisher and made jewelry, she crocheted well into her early 100’s (yes, really). My great-grandpa would use his wood tools to create toys and knick knacks. "

Aubrey also has such a great sense of humor. I asked her what is one thing that people would be surprised to know about you "My age. People are always surprised by my age. But I am not telling! ;)"

(we will see about that ;) )

At Aubrey shop she
will be offering 25% off all items in my shop
with the coupon code, ETSYTWITTER


Pretty Whimsical said...

Great interview aren't going to make us guess your age are you?! Thanks for another great SOTW post Jen : )

Suzanne@threepeats said...

Lovely things using lovely fabrics...makes me want to sew again...AND 25% off!

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