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Monday, October 3, 2011

SOTW - PunkyJane

Our Wedding Day Mark Your Calendar Necklace

Happy October, folks! Our Etsy Twitter Team Shop of the Week comes to us from Sandy out in California - PunkyJane Jewelry

If you're in need of something personalized - PunkyJane's collection of hand stamped and personalized jewelry and accessories is the first place you should look. Names, dates, quotes, silly sayings - The possibilities are only limited by your imagination. There is a little something for everybody! Moms, dads, grandmas, grandpas, brothers, sisters, friends, dogs, cats... Hamster? (Coming soon, perhaps.) Sandy's attention to detail, superior customer service and quirky/clever sense of style set her work apart. She is often inspired by her two favorite artists - her daughters, Hannah and Ella. "They have a way of looking at things that inspires me every day," says Sandy. "We could all use more of that child-like vision!"

Through online and print research and some good ol' fashioned trail and error, Sandy has honed her metal stamping over time. Her background as a graphic designer has helped her tremendously, "I love playing with letters! Now I just play with a hammer and steel stamps instead of the latest software from Adobe.

Sandy is certainly a Twitter pro - Here's what she has to say for those just dipping their toes in the Twitter pool - "Have fun with it, but don’t expect too much. It takes a good mix of social media to help drive business, so don’t put your eggs in one gorgeous handmade basket (purchased on Etsy, of course!). I love the simplicity of the connections you make. Also, don't automatically follow everybody that follows you. Only follow the folks that interest you."

Here's another fun bit from Sandy - Not only does she collect erasers, but if stuck on a deserted island, she'd be eager to continue her Words with Friends games, "Do I have WiFi? Or 3G? Please? If so, my iPad so I could play Words with Friends! Okay, seriously...a raft, matches for a fire, and sunscreen. I burn easily."

Personalized Periodic Table Element

Now that you know a bit more about the mind behind PunkyJane Jewelry, be sure to take advantage of the Shop of the Week sale going on - 
Use the code PJSOTW for 15% off anything 
in my Etsy Shop, October 3-9, 2011.


WellspringCreations said...

I am always amazed at Sandy's imagination with these tags! Personally, I can NEVER remember my anniversary, so I got a calendar pendant for ME!

Endless Sunner said...

Yay! One of my favorite shops!

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