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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Great Resource: "10 Twitter Tips for Artists"

I found this article through a Twitter link and thought I would share it with you. It’s a fantastic resource for artists and crafters using Twitter to promote their work.

The author: “Natasha Wescoat is a licensed artist and social media creative at utilizing the web to promote her art and connect with her audience. You can follow her on Twitter.”

The article is titled “Tweetable Art: 10 Twitter Tips for Artists” and all of it applies to anyone who makes art and promotes it on the web and on Twitter.

I especially like her suggestion that you share your work in progress. This allows your audience to get to know you better and creates that all-important relationship with your readers. They get let in on the “secret” of what you do and how you do it. Who doesn’t like to be let in on a secret?! Post pictures of your work in progress on Flickr and tweet a link to it!

This article is jam packed with 10 awesome ideas, not fluff. Go now and read it! Why are you still reading this? :)


Suzanne@threepeats said...

Great article and I agree that sharing your process is a good way involve people who don't think of themselves as artists or artisans. It demystifies art and makes you seem approachable.

Pretty Cheap Jewelry said...

It's a nice refresher.

One tip was something I used when I first started on Twitter ie, using the 'search' function to get networked. I used the word 'frugal' (and similar). It was a great way to find peers and gain followers.

I would also emphasize using the search function for the subject of your choice to get involved with folks OUTSIDE of etsy (eep!!)

tamdoll said...

Thanks for the link, great article and tips

kuartzo said...

I found this article trough Etsy and read it right away! It really has some great tips, especially about the best ways to share your work on the web.
I had never used the "find" option at twitter, for instance, and it's really a good ideia to find people with common insterests. Let's try it!

CB said...

Great article, has a lot of information that one can actually use. Nice Find. :)

Jillianmackowiak said...

Great article!! Thank you for sharing with us...

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